We are a legally registered civil society organization (CSO) in Cameroon under No. 002/E/29/111./Vol.8.APPB OF NOVEMBER 20, 2005. We are made up of media consultants who are human rights promoters, promoters of democracy and good governance, the rule of law. They like to see transparent management of public affairs and equitable distribution of public utilities.

Our areas of intervention

—        Media Development,

—        Publishing and editing,

—        Capacity building,

—        Promoting democracy and human rights,

—        Promoting good governance,

—        Promoting a free and unfettered press,

—        Developing ICTs and social media,

—        Researching

Our governance structure (see link)

Sphere of Operation

CHAMECC operates principally in the North West Region of Cameroon, but has members in seven of the ten regions and in the US and Bruxelles. It enjoys very strong collaboration with a majority of local municipal councils, traditional rulers, and government technical services at the Regional, Divisional and Sub Divisional levels and all the media houses.  It has an extensive network of local and community based actors of over 750 persons who move activities and processes at the grassroots.  Besides, CHAMECC is also connected to over 50 trusts worthy CSOs an active mebr of over ten networkgs across the country that it interacts constantly on issues of Human Rights and Governance promotion, media development and the fight against corruption.